What is Balanced Ride?

Balanced Ride logoMonte Foreman and Pat Wyse have been teaching what I call the Balanced Ride method for years.  The main thing that makes this method so different from other modern methods is the riding while learning.  You can do groundwork, but it’s really all about the ride.   How the horse feels, what he’s doing, how you get a sense for what is happening with the horse. It’s all about the relationship, the partnership that you and the horse have, in the moment.  If you don’t have that, you’re not really experiencing the extraordinary ride that is Balanced Ride.

I also recommend and use saddles from John “Boz” Bozanich and his family, a former Monte Foreman instructor.  Boz knows how to make saddles that work with the Balanced Ride method, not against it.

Anessa doing a sliding stop

If this type of horse training in Nevada City sounds like something you’d be interested in learning more about, give me a call or email me at your convenience. I’d be happy to talk about how I have helped others with learning how to ride naturally and balanced.

- Anessa